What to Expect as an Owner

At Springs Homes for Rent, we understand that every investment property requires unique demands. This is why we designed an extensive suite of services to meet the full spectrum of property management needs.

Choosing Springs Homes for Rent to manage your property aligns you with other successful investors around the Pikes Peak Region. Our commitment to ‘Efficiency in Management and Excellence in Service’ ensures a hands-on approach to property management, focusing on optimizing returns and maintaining the highest standards of care for your investment.

Our comprehensive approach promises consistent rental income and peace of mind knowing that your property is in the hands of dedicated professionals.

Property Owners

We actively manage your property with a personal touch. By conducting in-person tours, regular inspections, and quarterly maintenance checks, we ensure close monitoring of your property’s condition. We carefully select tenants and collaborate with them to provide a well-maintained living environment. This approach not only provides tenants with a desirable place to live but also guarantees that your property remains in excellent condition when it’s no longer rented. Read on to learn more about our systems and procedures.


We document each tenant move-in and move-out extensively with photos and video so that there are no questions or doubt regarding the condition of your property.


Our online system for payments, communication, maintenance and documents saves a huge amount of time. Have a question? Simply start a conversation.


With our online portals, we encourage our tenants to report maintenance items ASAP. We have excellent vendors and all bills and invoices are posted online.


Paying owners online to a bank account is a huge convenience both for you and us. You will receive an email notice and the money will settle to your account in 2-5 days.


Managing property turnovers is crucial, starting with the owner’s initial move-out and continuing through each tenant change. We ensure homes meet our “Rent Ready” standards from the start, offering cleaning and re-keying services, with costs deducted from your first payment. Tenant transitions include detailed inspections to maintain property condition, with any repairs charged to the tenant’s security deposit. This streamlined approach keeps properties in top shape and simplifies management for owners.

Move In

When you move out of your home the first time, we will request for it to be fully cleaned, carpets professionally cleaned and re-keyed. This is the same condition that tenants will be required to return the property to us in at move-out. If you do not wish to fully clean the property or have the carpets professionally cleaned, we can arrange this for you and it will be deducted from your first owner payment.

Move Out

We will monitor and document the move-in and move-out of each tenant with an inspection. The purpose of this inspection is to document the condition of the property in detail. Per the lease, the tenant is required to maintain the property to this documented condition and deliver the property back to us in the same condition as the previous move-out. These inspections will be available to you in your portal and repairs will be deducted from the Security Deposit if it is a tenant expense.


Effective communication is the cornerstone of our process, ensuring clear, timely interactions between property owners, tenants, and our team. This commitment to open dialogue fosters transparency, efficiency, and satisfaction throughout every transaction and tenancy, bridging gaps and building strong relationships.

Our online owner portals make it easy to keep in close communication. Payments, bills, invoices and statements are posted on your owner portal so you can refer to them, download them or print them at any time. In addition, your end of the year statement and your 1099 will be provided to you for when you are ready to do your taxes.

If you ever have a question about a payment, a repair, or when the next lease expires, simply start a conversation on the portal, and someone will respond to your question right away.

Property Maintenance

Keeping your home in good shape is our priority. We encourage our tenants to report maintenance items as soon as they occur and we require renters insurance. Our move-in and move-out inspections make the condition of the home clear from one tenant to the next.

All maintenance items less than $350 will be covered by your maintenance escrow and will be deducted from your monthly payment. You can add money electronically to your escrow if your home requires more extensive repairs.


Our online web-based system makes collecting and dispersing payments easy.

All tenant payments take 2-5 days (depending on holidays and weekends) before the payment has cleared and there is no possibility of insufficient funds.

We generally post owner statements and pay owners no later than the 15th of each month.

The electronic payment funds will be available to your account after an additional 2-5 days for settlement.