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Welcome to your source for information on Colorado Springs homes for rent. Our extensive experience in the Pikes Peak region housing market positions us uniquely to cater to the varied needs and preferences of those looking to rent in this magnificent area. We are committed to guiding you through finding a house and an ideal home that resonates with your lifestyle and dreams right here in the heart of the Pikes Peak region.

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These are a few of the homes we currently have available for rent in Colorado Springs and the surrounding areas. Click view for more details, or select “Available Properties” (above) to see everything we currently have available.


We truly value what our clients have to say. Every review, the good and the not-so-good, really matters to us. We see each piece of feedback as a chance to get better at what we do. It’s how we keep improving and making sure we’re always giving you our best. Your thoughts and opinions are at the heart of our growth and quality improvement.

JM Patton
JM Patton
April 2, 2024
We had a great experience with Deanna as our property manager. She is very responsive and courteous. Repairs were handled promptly by professional contractors and completed the first time. I would recommend Deanna and Springs Homes for Rent to anyone looking for a place to live.
Sheryl Smith
Sheryl Smith
October 3, 2023
I recommend anyone that needs to rent to rent from Springs Homes for Rent. After being a homeowner and not being able to find the home a home to buy. I found Deanna from Springs Homes for Rent, who not only found me the perfect home, but also, has advocated for me with the owner to meet my needs, I was nervous about renting as my past experiences and the lack of renting in over 20years have left me with high anxiety and lack of trust. I have been renting from them for 7 months now, and Deanna is still right there for me when I have a renter's questions (Im still new to it) and when my son was ready for a place, she was right there for him as well. Fulfilled his every need as she did mine. The best part of Springs Homes for Rent is when you put in a maintenance request it actually gets taken care of. Their group of contractors have all been on top of my every need as well. I have not met a person that rents that has had this experience and usually has to do their own maintenance. As a single person that cares for several adults with IDD. It's important that everything in this home stays running smoothly. I don't care to even look for a house to buy, I am so content at where I live and knowing I will always be taken care of. Reach out to Deanna, you will not find another property manager that is there for you like she is. She'll have your back and rid you of the renter's anxiety.
misael donaldson
misael donaldson
October 2, 2023
It’s was a great experience for 3 1/2 years. Staff was always friendly and helpful. Any issues were takin care of quickly. Really a great property management and the best I have found in Colorado Springs.
Jacob Yakos
Jacob Yakos
August 30, 2023
I would recommend this company to my family or closest friends! There is a reason Springs Homes for Rent has great reviews. We recently finished renting from them and they are fantastic. We had to find a rental in Colorado Springs while being out of state. I talked to so many different rental companies and most of them were sleazy and had bad reviews for a reason. I was so happy to find Springs Homes for Rent. They helped us find a place and made the whole process so easy. Deanna is the best. She is so easy to communicate with and anytime we needed anything she got to it right away. Even after we had a horrible hail storm, she texted to make sure we were ok. This is an honest great company. Highly recommend!
Amanda Patterson
Amanda Patterson
January 11, 2023
Deanna Kirkby has been the most amazing property manager I have ever had in all my years of renting. She is punctual, kind, understanding, willing to go above and beyond to help her renters.

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